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The Consumer Fund

Created in Memory of Bernie Ferry

Grant Request Criteria:

The Consumer Fund was created to aid individuals moving into supported or independent living. Its purpose is to give individuals financial help with their transitional household expenses such as purchasing kitchen or bathroom items, sheets, towels, etc.

Support The Consumer Fund Grant:

Apply for The Consumer Fund Grant:

Those who are living in Supported Independent Living arrangements for six months or less may also be considered as a recipient of the grant.

All criteria must be followed before any request is considered.

In fairness to all individuals, grants are available in disbursements of $50.00 to $75.00 in gift cards (depending on available funds), per individual, on a one-time-only, first come, first served basis as follows:

1. All requests must be made on a Consumer Fund Grant Request Form.

  1. Only grant requests through ICMs, Case Managers, Resource or SIL Coordinators, and DBH Tip Unit Staff will be considered.
  1. In fairness to all applicants, each request must be mailed in a separate envelope and mailed through the U.S. Post Office. (520 N. Delaware Avenue, 7th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19123) No FAX or phone calls will be accepted.
  1. Grants will be disbursed in gift cards. The ICM, Resource or SIL Coordinators or TIP unit rep will be responsible for picking up the funds and will be required to sign a receipt and show the proper ID from his/her agency. The grant recipient may pick up the gift card with the approval of the requestor.

The Consumer Fund continues to be replenished through the generosity of the general community, through the voluntary payroll deduction of CST employees, and contributions from the CST Board of Directors.

The Consumer Fund Committee consists of the Administrative Staff of CST who have no direct contact with recipients or requestors in relationship with any grant request.

Download The Consumer Fund Grant Request Form